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  • Do you have a club that you work with?
    Wilde4Volleyball is not a club! Wilde4Volleyball is a training program. However, I do offer a unique club opportunity through my program. If a group of parents wants their athletes to train and play tournaments together, they can do it. The parents just form their own club team! What is needed: Get 10-12 of your daughter's volleyball friends that want to play together and form a team. No stress with club tryouts and being put on low level team No disappointment with placement on the wrong team and not being challenged or not getting playing time. No frustration with poor or inexperienced coaches No putting the fate of your athlete and your money in the hands of a club director whose focus is profit and not always what is best your athlete. The parents have control!!! Pre-season meeting: The parents and I determine the schedule for weekly training sessions What days works best for the group. Number of sessions per week. What tournaments we will play. The parents have control of the schedule! Tournament coach: The players will practice together with myself and a "tournament coach' that I will bring in and you will hire. The coach will be a high level coach who has the skills to make tournaments a positive and valuable learning experience. If, at any point, the coach is not working out for the team, we will get you another coach. This coach will train the team, along with me, in practices to establish consistency. That tournament coach will then coach the team in tournaments. I guarantee the tournament coach will be very qualified, high-level coach. This is a result of my many years of working with USA Volleyball, and understanding the requirements for success at all levels and having access to some of the best coaches in the area. Parent/Club Director: To form the club, it’s required that the group designates a parent that will be registered as the “Club Director” with the Badger Region. The Parent/Club Director will be responsible for registering the team in the tournaments and work with the Region to complete the normal requirements for a club. I will be a resource for the Parent/Club Director to help them throughout the process. The benefits of the “One Club” model: You are not at the mercy of the club! Normal club model: all decisions made by the Club Director. You pay a lot of money and then relinquish all control to the club. With this “One Club” model, you establish the goals and the schedule. Proven success: Parents that have followed this "One Club" model the last 2 years have had great success. The players’ skills have gotten much better due to the high level of coaching and teaching. The players’ have fun playing with their friends. Fewer "issues" because the parents had control over the way the club was run. I encourage you to contact me if you have any questions or want to better understand better why the Wilde4Volleyball One Club might be a great option for you and your athlete to have a fun and successful club season! Please feel free to call Rod at: 608-712-9808
  • Does my athlete only train with players her own age?
    I follow the international club model in my group training sessions. If I feel an athlete can play at a higher level and is not getting challenged, then I will offer that athlete an opportunity to move up to a higher level group. The best youth players in the international club system are playing against adults if they have the skills and ability to do it. They get much higher level of play if they are challenged and given the opportunity to train and compete with players better than them! I have 14 year old players that train with my top 18's groups. This system assures that every player continues to get challenged as they get better and will maximize their potential as a player.
  • How do your training sessions work?
    Players will train in all positions to learn the game. I use very specific drills and teaching methods that we have developed through my years with USA Volleyball. I want the athlete to have a the best opportunity to excel and gain confidence through teaching the skills and then implementing them in a game-like environment.
  • Why would your training be good for my athlete?
    My Wilde4Volleyball training sessions are designed to teach the athlete how to play the whole game not just specific positions. There are many ways to learn skills. After 56 years of teaching the game from the very beginner to the Olympic level, I have learned that skills are best taught when they translate into the rest of the game. Players learn to play multiple positions in my sessions. Players that understand the game and can play multiple positions, are much more valuable to a team than ones that are only skilled in one area. I grew up learning the game by watching and working with my mother. She was the high school coach in my home town of Fort Dodge, Iowa. She coached for 20 years and went to state 19 of the 20 years. She won 2 State Championships and is in the National High School Hall of Fame and the Iowa High School Hall of Fame. I still have the same passion for teaching the game that she instilled in me throughout her career. I love helping players attain their goals in the sport while having fun doing it! .
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