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Marv Dunphy

Five-Time NCAA D1 Champion
1988 Olympic Gold Medal Coach
1988 Inducted into the FIVB International Hall of Fame

"If I had to choose one person to teach any of the six volleyball skills, it would be Rod Wilde. Rod has a wonderful, advanced knowledge of our sport and how to teach it at any level. He has been a winner in the sport all of his life. I'd like to say that I taught him all of his great traits, but he came to me that way the way his parents raised him."

Marv and I at my Pepperdine University induction to the Athletic Hall of Fame.

4 time Olympian and Gold Medalist Lloy Ball

Lloy Ball

Four-Time Olympian
2008 Gold Medalist
Owner Ball Sports Academy

"I joined the USA Men's National Team in 1994 right out of College. I was blessed to have a world-class setter on the Men's staff to help me develop my setting technique, my setting knowledge, and my understanding of the game. Coach Rod Wilde was an amazing setter at Pepperdine and for Team USA. Coach Wilde worked countless hours with me before and after practice training me on hand positioning, hand follow-through, and footwork. Coach Wilde taught me the strategies of the game. Overall, Coach Wilde was a big part of my development as a complete setter. I encourage anyone who wants to truly "learn the game" to go to Coach Wilde and learn from one of the very best." (photo credit: FIVB)


Kristin & Brian Konrad

Parents of Nicole Konrad

"Our daughter Nicole started training with Rod in seventh grade because she loved the game of volleyball and wanted to improve her skills and technique. She has continued to train with Rod over the years, and it has really paid off. Once Nicole mastered a position or a skill, Rod would challenge her by teaching her a different position and more complex plays and skills. He has helped her become a well-rounded player who can flexibly play different positions. This has been extremely beneficial as a high schooler as she is able to play multiple positions on the court, and her coach can move her around to where she is needed most throughout the season. Watching Nicole train with Rod over the years, it has been clear to us that Rod loves the game of volleyball and infuses that same love into his training sessions. Nicole comes home from her training sessions happy and confident, and we couldn't thank Rod enough for all of the volleyball and life skills he has taught Nicole over the past five years."

1984 Gold Medal and 2000 Olympic Coach - Doug Beal

Doug Beal

Three-Time Olympian
USA Men's Gold Medal Winning Coach
Former USA Volleyball CEO

"I have known and had the great fortune to work with Rod over many years. He was literally born into this game; a great player - yes; a highly successful coach at every level - yes, but no one teaches the game better. Rod simply knows skills; he knows principals, he knows how to connect and make you better. Rod has done this over and over with boys, girls, men, and women. He gets results, he deeply cares about the people, and he teaches the right way and for the right reasons. He makes it fun, and that's always the environment where more learning takes place. Rod is just the best!"

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